When It’s Okay to Quit

It’s easy to feel guilty when we withdraw from projects. But it’s important, as creative entrepreneurs, theatre-makers, producers, and overall determined and artistic individuals, to listen to our gut when a project is no longer serving us the way it should be. Continue reading When It’s Okay to Quit

A Teenager’s Morning Routine

A few months ago, I answered a question on Quora that asked what a perfect morning routine would be for a high school student. The question was in regards to an ideal 40 minute routine. But in retrospect, I don’t know of any teens who have that kind of time on a Monday morning. Ideally you would be looking at a routine clocking in at somewhere between 5-20 minutes. Continue reading A Teenager’s Morning Routine

Happy Breathing; 3 Reasons to Try The Wim Hof Method Today

You may have heard the name before and if not, a quick web search will reveal his 26 World Records and the “method” that is on its way to becoming the hottest new bridge between mindfulness and physical well-being. Continue reading Happy Breathing; 3 Reasons to Try The Wim Hof Method Today

Who Would You Be?

“There are those who listen to their own inner-voice with such clarity, and they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy or they become legends.” Legends of the Fall Who would you be if you gave up your limiting beliefs? It’s a question we should — and need to — ask ourselves from time to time. Most of us go through our lives chained to a belief system that has been ingrained in us since early childhood; often by society in general, but sometimes, more specifically, by our parents, teachers, and friends. Over time, it begins to define … Continue reading Who Would You Be?

A New Era of Public Creativity

As many of us were quietly (or perhaps loudly) ringing in the New Year on January 1st, an unprecedented plethora of creative works (films, music, books and more) fell into the public domain for the first time in 20 years. The amount of works that had fallen into the public domain is so substantial, some referred to January 1st as “Public Domain Day 2019”. What is the public domain? According to Wikipedia, the public domain consists of all creative works to which no exclusive intellectual property rights apply. Those rights may have expired, been forfeited, expressly waived, or may be … Continue reading A New Era of Public Creativity

Be Aggressive With Your Ambition

So often, when we encounter failure, we think to ourselves: “must. aim lower“, “must lower my expectations“, “must lower the bar!“ I’d like to propose an alternative. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” William Edward Hickson Aggressive Ambition is something often overlooked for fear of failing again. Indeed, what could be worse than failing not just but once but a second time too? The natural inclination after having gone through a misstep of sorts — however traumatizing — is to aim lower. You failed at that one thing — time to choose something easier; something more within … Continue reading Be Aggressive With Your Ambition